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All Games

  • 19 minute halves. 2 minute halftime.  5 minutes between games.          

  • Official clock is kept centrally, running clock.  No time outs.

  • 2021 US Lacrosse high school rules will apply to ALL grad years 2022-2027 with the following specifications/exceptions:


    • Please see the ***Free Movement Primer/Clarification that is in italics at the end of the rules.

    • Free movement rules are new to the officials, and we do ask for your patience, respect and sportsmanship as officials work to implement them into games.

    • On the draw, players must hold behind the restraining line until possession is obtained by one of the 6 players on the draw circle.  Players’ sticks may cross the restraining line and touch the ground before possession, but their feet must not cross.

    • If a half or game ends on a defensive major foul within the CSA the officials will set up a free position and play will end at the end of the scoring play.

  • Teams listed first on the schedule are the “Home” team and will be given first alternating possession when offsetting fouls occur.

  • Yellow Card times will be kept on the field by the officials.

  • Players receiving a red card in a game may play in the next game, unless decided otherwise by tournament director or head official.

  • A purple card will be given to anyone exhibiting unsportsmanlike behavior – such behavior will not be tolerated.

  • If a game ends in a tie in regulation, it gets recorded as a tie.



  • All games will be postponed during lightning and/or thunder.  Games will resume 30 minutes after the last sight of lightning and/or crack of thunder is heard.

  • If games are delayed, they will resume on real time.  This means that teams may lose games on their schedule.

  • A game score will stand at the point it was delayed if at least a complete half has been played.

  • Games will be played during rain unless the fields or conditions are deemed unsafe by the game officials and/or the tournament director. 


***Free Movement Primer/Clarifications

With the allowance of free movement at the high school level the game pace will pick up quickly.  Below is a primer to help explain the free movement rule and how to officiate it.  Players will now be allowed to move during dead-ball.  During these times we will need to be extra vigilant with substitutions, and ensure the following:

Encroachment area:
A player cannot be within 2 meters of the ball carrier AND engage the ball carrier once play has started.  If there are repeated calls for this penalty a delay of game foul can be called (give the players the benefit of the doubt

Example 1:
#5 Red fouls #12 Green in the midfield, #23 Red gets closer (within 2 meters), and when #12 self starts #23 makes a check.
-RULING: Foul – Encroachment penalty – bring back the ball to the spot of the foul, give it to #12, place #23 4m behind and restart play with a whistle.

Example 2:
#5 Red fouls #12 Green in the midfield, #23 Red gets closer (within 2 meters) but is continuing past the player and does not make a play to the player or the ball when #12 self starts.
-RULING: No foul – the defense did not gain an advantage by being in the Encroachment area.

Example 3:
#5 Red fouls #12 Green in the midfield, as #5 is moving away from #12 (but still within 2 meters), #12  self starts.

-RULING: No foul – #12 decided to start before her encroachment area was clear and the defense was moving out of the area


At the draw:
Once the official’s hands are on the sticks at the center, no more substitutions are allowed until the restraining lines are released (possession, foul, or crossing the RL)

If a foul occurs at the draw the restraining lines are released, and players may move about the field freely (except for the encroachment area).

Example 4:
#5 Red fouls #12 Green at the draw, after the whistle is blown #9 Green crosses the Restraining line and #12 performs a legal self start and passes the ball to #9.

-RULING: Legal – the restraining lines are released once a foul occurs

In the Critical Scoring Area (reminder ALL starts in the CSA are whistle starts):

 Setup on the 8m fan foul by defense:  Defensive players are entitled to the next closest hash marks, everyone else must be 4m away and outside of the penalty zone before play can be restarted (remember the area below goal line and the dots must be cleared too!). The player that committed the foul must be 4m behind

Foul by the defense between the 8 and the 12m arc: the player with the ball will be placed at the 12m arc and the player that fouled will be placed 4m away (behind for a major foul). Lane must be kept clear for play to start (WATCH SHOOTING SPACE!).

Foul by the offense in the CSA:
Place the player that was fouled in their appropriate position (at least 8m away from goal above the Goal line, on the closest dot if below), the player that committed the foul MUST go 4m behind; whistle start.

Example #5:

#5 Red fouls #12 Green inside the 8m Arc, Red #23 tried to move to the hash next to the ball carrier, but #9 Green has taken up a position there, and play is now ready to resume.
-Ruling: No foul- but instruct #9 to give that position to the defensive player.  Note: if there isn’t a defender close by/ trying to get to the spot she is free to occupy that space.  Double note: if #9 does not give up her spot, then it is a delay of game foul (only should be used as a last resort as this is a very new rule)

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